Micro Dosing Strength: Your New Secret Weapon

Jul 04, 2023

This isnt a topic about drugs...

As parents, our lives are often a whirlwind of responsibilities and obligations. Between juggling work, household chores, and the never-ending tasks that come with raising children, finding time for ourselves can feel like an impossible feat. Amidst this chaos, it's easy for our fitness and well-being to take a backseat. However, what if there was a training method that could fit seamlessly into our busy schedules and still yield significant benefits? Enter micro dosing - a time-saving approach to strength training that holds immense promise for busy parents.

The concept of micro dosing has gained traction as a viable solution for individuals with limited time or those looking for a sustainable training approach. By breaking away from traditional methods that demand long hours at the gym, micro dosing presents an alternative path to maintaining strength, improving physical fitness, and achieving personal goals - all without sacrificing precious time that could be spent with our loved ones.

Micro dosing

The essence of micro dosing lies in its emphasis on frequent, shorter training sessions with submaximal weights or intensities. Rather than spending hours on end striving for maximum effort, this method focuses on consistency, efficiency, and recovery. By performing multiple mini-workouts throughout the week, parents can make incremental progress without feeling overwhelmed or compromising their daily routines.

Micro dosing allows busy parents to weave exercise seamlessly into their lives, leveraging small pockets of time to squeeze in a quick workout. It can be as simple as dedicating 15 minutes during nap time or engaging in brief exercise breaks while the little ones are occupied with their own activities.

Moreover, micro dosing offers an appealing solution for parents who may be new to strength training or struggle with finding motivation. The lower intensity and lighter weights associated with this method provide a gentler entry point, allowing individuals to focus on mastering proper form and technique without feeling overwhelmed by heavy loads. It fosters a gradual progression that minimizes the risk of burnout, encourages consistency, and builds a solid foundation for long-term fitness success.

The benefits of micro dosing strength training:

  • Time efficiency: Micro dosing strength training is a time-efficient way to get a full-body workout.
  • Convenience: Frequent training sessions of very short duration can be easily incorporated into a busy schedule.
  • Improved strength: Micro dosing strength training can improve strength, particularly when using a relatively low number of weekly sets.
  • Improved muscle size: Micro dosing strength training can improve muscle size, particularly when using a relatively low number of weekly sets.

Does it work? 

Yes, actually. Compared to your 'usual' sessions, as long as the TOTAL WEEKLY VOLUME (the amount of work done through the week) is the same it has pretty much the same outcomes. Conclusion - You dont need to do ALL your work in the '3 sessions per week' format. 

My experience with micro dosing 

In my personal experience, micro dosing strength training has been a game-changer, especially when time is limited. Having a gym at home has made it incredibly convenient to fit in quick workouts throughout the day, But if you dont have that option then maybe a gym close to work or even a kettlebell might be a good option.

What I appreciate most about micro dosing is that it helps me overcome the "all or nothing mentality." Instead of feeling discouraged when I can't dedicate a full hour to the gym, I can still achieve a sense of accomplishment with shorter, focused sessions. Mentally, it keeps the flywheel spinning, allowing me to stay consistent and motivated.

I've also experimented with micro dosing at different intervals throughout the day, such as once in the morning and once at night, effectively breaking up sedentary periods.

To maximise efficiency, I use techniques like supersets, drop sets, and rest-pause methods during these to add variety and intensity to my workouts. Overall, micro dosing has transformed my approach to strength training, helping me stay active, energised, and committed, even in the face of a busy family and work life.

Never enough time?

Micro dosing training sessions offer a potential solution for busy parents struggling to find time for exercise. While it may not be suitable for everyone, micro dosing can be incorporated as part of a broader training program.

It serves as an excellent option for those who are pressed for time, lacking motivation, or just starting their fitness journey. AI-generated plans or assistance from coaches like me can be helpful in creating effective micro dosing routines. Having equipment readily available, such as a home gym or a set of kettlebells, can enhance the experience.

Personally, I use micro dosing sparingly, primarily when I'm running late from work or facing time constraints. The key benefit is that it keeps the mental flywheel spinning, helping to overcome inertia and maintain consistency in the face of a busy schedule.

Next time you think there isnt time - opt for a micro dose.