From the Cage to Coaching

My Path to Parent-Focused Fitness

About Me...

Welcome to my website! I'm Brett Sizeland, a dedicated S&C coach with a passion for fitness and a background as a professional MMA athlete. As a father of autistic twin boys, I understand the unique challenges and demands that come with balancing family responsibilities and personal well-being.

My specialization lies in assisting busy parents like you in achieving optimal fitness within the parameters of your busy home and work life. I offer tailored mindset, nutrition, and training guidance that fits seamlessly into your routine, empowering you to prioritize your health and well-being without sacrificing precious time with your loved ones.

What sets me apart is my focus on working with parents of children with additional needs. I recognize the importance of providing efficient and effective strategies that consider the specific circumstances and responsibilities you face. Through personalized coaching, I help you navigate the complexities of your journey, supporting you in reaching your fitness goals while honoring your role as a loving and committed parent.

Join me on this transformative journey towards better health, strength, and balance. Together, we can overcome obstacles, embrace sustainable habits, and achieve the remarkable transformation you deserve.

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